Ikea Hack | BYGEL Utility cart

I have to admit, when it comes to home decor, nothing reims supreme quite like the ikea hack. As a kid I used to loath walking around the massive store, but now it is somewhat of an endless land of possibilities. I keep a pretty healthy amount of inspiration on my Pinterest, and usually find myself gearing up for projects before heading out to the big box store. 

When it came time for me to get a spot of my own, I knew I had to stretch my decor budget-without sacrificing style in the process. I found serval of my secondary pieces at Ikea (bookcase, coffee table, etc) pieces that wouldn't break the bank that I could make my own. Along the way I came across a kitchen cart that would be absolutely perfect as a bar set up. And at less than $30- yes it is only $25!! I jumped at the chance to recreate it. 

I've been meaning to share this DIY for awhile now and can't wait to so you the finished product. I almost hate to call it a DIY because I literally only spray painted the pieces-but, it really is incredible what a can of paint can do to transform an otherwise ordinary piece.

What I used:


Unbox utility card and sort pieces, set aside all metal (grey) bars, and screws to be spray painted. I would recommend painting these as individual pieces. Using the Krylon gold paint, spray all metal bars with 2-3 coats of a paint. I wanted a more metallic look, so I opted to purchase 2 cans. Only lightly spray screws, and be carefully not to strip paint during assembly. Once all pieces have dried, assemble and voila! a brand new bar cart for less than $40!