How to Style The Neck Stack


Just when you thought stacking bracelets was enough..the neck stack comes along. Thanks to the gorgeous statement necklace that made their debut at fashion week, stacking baubles has never been chic{er}. In an effort to get the look {without spending an arm & an leg} I turned to a more affordable outlet. Forever21 has an amazing selection of inexpensive costume jewelry, like were talking $8/necklace! It's really too good not to buy a few for stacking purposes...

Row One: Fringed Bead // Pearlescent Multi-strand

Row Two: Faux Stone Flower // Rhinestoned Teardrop

Row Three: Emerald Cut // Oversized Chain // Emerald-cut

You can connect both of your necklaces by using jump rings and a pair of jewelry pliers. This way you can adjust the length of each necklace to hang lower or higher on the neck! Another idea is to buy multiple of the same necklace {works best with beaded longer necklaces} and layer them together.