How to Style Fine Jewelry

How to Style Fine Jewelry

Every so often I get asked questions on Instagram about how to style or wear a certain type of clothing or accessory. After a recent Instagram post with LAGOS, a few readers sent me a DM asking how I would layer fine jewelry when worn together. The one thing to bear in mind when styling any kind of jewelry costume or fine that it is very easy to go overboard.

How to Style Fine Jewelry
How to Style Fine Jewelry

How to Style Multiple Pieces

In all honesty, I typically only style multiple jewelry pieces when I’m going out or have an event. When I do have the opportunity to dress up I love to incorporate statement pieces into my look. In general, I usually adhere to the rule of accessorizing with balance. As I mentioned earlier, it's easy to go overboard, which is why sticking to pairings that won’t compete with each other, for instance…

  • A statement earring with a dainty necklace.

  • A statement necklace with rings and the optional post earrings.

  • A statement bracelet with hoops or a larger earring.


How to Style Fine Jewelry
How to Style Fine Jewelry

Keep it Balanced

From these examples, you can somewhat picture the balance I am referencing. Each piece plays off each other for this symmetry that keeps you looking polished and not overdone. Something else I see done quite often is forgetting that your jewelry should also compliment your outfit and it’s silhouette. It’s easy to put together a well-accessorized look only to wear a printed outfit. If you plan on having the focus of your look be on the clothing, let your jewelry take a supporting role.


Know your Necklines - Necklaces

My mom and I were just talking about this, and I feel like it deserved noting. Going off the balance tip mentioned above; your neckline should also compliment the necklace chain length and style. Even if you’re wearing a standard scoop neck, the length of your necklace should reflect how much décolleté is shown. Think of this as your canvas, or where you would style the chain, choker, or pendant.


What is your favorite way to style fine jewelry?



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