How to Continue Exercising Through a Lull

Every now and then I go through what I like to refer to as a "lull" otherwise know as a lack of effort or possibly dare I say it..laziness. I've found that whenever I find myself unmotivated to work out, to try and do things to get my butt out the door. As they say the hardest part is always leaving the house, which is sadly very true. Here are some of my personal tips to keep you motivated!

Run in your comfort zone: No one likes to feel as if they "have" to work out. Save this time as a period for relaxation, I know this sounds weird but its almost as if this is a time to let go of the days stress. I also like to be able to track my progress, and of course there's an app for that! Nike+ (when correctly working) syncs your distance, time, and overall progress. You can even go to their website to set personal goals and power songs!

Keep an up to date playlist! Nothing is worse then realizing you've been hearing the same music all week. Mix it up! (Here is my current 50 min playlist)

Clothes that inspire: I love finding new bold and bright patterns of running shorts. I am a firm believer (and buyer) in the Nike tempo  track shorts. Not only are they comfortable but they also come in a variety or prints and colors.

Happy Friday!