Halloween & October Overview

Who doesn't love a holiday dedicated to everything candy, costumes and fun? I have to say that Halloween is one of my favorite {if not my most} loved holiday. I love all that goes into dressing up and putting together the perfect costume. {yes, I'm one of those people who plan out their costume well before the month of October has even arrived} This year I decided to go as Dora The Explorer and The White Swan, each of which I put together myself. I think that homemade costumes turn out waay better than any $60 Halloween store mark-up could ever be, and there's something special when it's truly one of a kind.

Completed White Swan Costume: I can't believe it's already November..even though I feel like I say that after every month has some some how managed to fly by! I absolutely love October, I feel like its the transition month, well at least here in the Bay Area it usually is. We get blessed with somewhat of an Indian summer (80 degree days), while some days are chillier than others. I personally enjoy the cooler temperatures and the fashions that come with it!