Gym Faux Pas

Yesterday, while I was riding away on my stationary bike at the gym, I couldn't help but observe the people around me. I was merely just glancing around from person to person when something took me by surprise. I watched a gym-goer bounce around from machine-to-machine working up a sweat and leaving behind a lovely trail whenever (s)he left. Now, I'm no clean-freak but, I do think there are a few gym rules that people should try to follow. This got me thinking about how many times people go to the gym and don't take people around them into consideration.

We are all just trying to get a good, healthy work-out in and don't need to risk getting sick, or cleaning-up after others. So, I've decided to put together a few easy tips for people to remember when hitting' the gym!

  1. Wipe down your machine: As I stated above no one wants to sit in your sweaty seat. It only takes a few seconds to spray or wipe down your equipment. It's also good to get into a habit of cleaning your machine before you begin. Imagine how many people could forgo getting sick from those who cough or sneeze during their workout...

  2. Talking on your Cell Phone: Remember that there are people around you who enjoy the ability to focus on their workout. The gym isn't the place to be talking obnoxiously loud on your cell phone. Save it for afterwards, truly anything that isthat important shouldn't be left to a communal place.

  3. Leaving Equipment out: Many times free weights and mats are left in a designated area so everyone can enjoy / use them. Remember to return things where you find them and not leave them laying around. Not only are they a tripping hazard, but it's more work for someone else.

  4. Take advantage of trainer demos: Many times when you sign up for a gym they will include a few training sessions with your membership. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS! If you haven't worked out in awhile, this is a great way to get familiar with gym machines and equipment. Knowing how to work the machine is half the battle; as bad form or miss-use can result in injury. If your gym doesn't do this, don't be afraid to ask a gym employee, they will be more than happy to help you out!

  5. Wear gym-appropriate attire: Velour track suits are not gym attire and shouldn't be worn when doing cardio! Wear breathable, light weight clothing or attire specified for exercise. Another rule to follow is not to wear loads of makeup. No one will notice if you come with a fresh-face, but they will see if your wiping off cosmetics onto a gym towel.

I'm sure gym-goers everywhere have experienced or seen one of these gym faux pas before, and I'm no exception. However, taking these few things into consideration can improve the work-out environment for yourself and those around you! :)