Getting Organized & Giveaway

getting organized via. Birdie Shoots

It's been nearly three weeks now and I am just starting to put my new years resolutions into play. Aside from a slight delay in action I'm committing myself to getting a jump on organization. Now, I'm not focusing on material organization, but more of a "lifestyle" management. 

With the help of a few tools and planners I've been making progress in getting my sh** together. Near the end of last year I spotted several schedules specifically designed for bloggers. I decide to join the hype and design one of my own, which you can see here. I wanted to keep the layout fun and easy to navigate when jotting down my thoughts. 

Blog organizer via. Birdie Shoots
Blog organizer via. Birdie Shoots

Most of the time my ideas for blog posts come to me when I'm not on the computer. So having both planner/schedule that could fit in my purse was essential. I ended up getting this Kate Spade 2015 agenda for Christmas from my parents. I love the cheeky quotes and wide daily page, which are great for jotting all sorts of things down. 

I've been trying to get into the habit of jotting everything down. I'm pretty good at making list(s) but, want to make the transition into a more streamlined process (i.e a daily schedule). I'm hoping these planners will help me in keep my resolution! But, as part of my own goal to get organized I wanted to help you guys as well. So who doesn't love a little giveaway, especially one that includes Kate Spade? The full prize will include (1) Kate Spade 2015 Agenda, blog planners and a $30 gift card to target, so you can buy fun pens and markers! The giveaway will run for the next two weeks, and a winner will be drawn at random and emailed through the Rafflecopter website!