Gatsby Halloween Costume

Gatsby Halloween Costume Tutorial Via. Birdie Shoots

Although my days of putting together multiple Halloween costumes are long gone (oh' college), I am still completely obsessed with all things Halloween, including dressing up! I'm pretty sure I've run the gamut of costume from dressing up as villains to various animals, and even Dora the Explorer.

As if the recent media surge for the Great Gatsby wasn't enough to have you digging up you sequins then maybe this will! I actually did the whole "Flapper" thing a few years ago, but had so much fun with it that I thought I'd revisit it for the blog. In all honestly most people will end up having the pieces needed for this costume hanging in their closets. This is also a great last minute idea, that is a lot of fun to put together. To start I'd suggest grabbing something with a little glitz, i.e. glitter, sequins or beads. A top of dress is a great starting point and is easy to layer the remaining accessories.


If you have vintage jewelry this would be the best time to put them on display! Layer different shapes and lengths focusing on simplistic designs that you can either double-up or wear solo. I went with a single pearl strand  since I already had a lot going on with my top. For earrings opt for a chandelier style with plenty of sparkle. I picked mine up years ago from Forever21, which is also where I purchased this headband. It's pretty basic when it comes to the design but, the knot in the front was perfect for the monotone look!


The great thing about this style is it's incredibly easy to do with just about any hair length. Start by curling the ends of your hair with a 1-1/2" curling wand. Do this before hand with help with rolling hair into the headband. Once all hair is completely curling place the headband with the design element in front and off to the side. I also opted to give my hair a side part for one drama. Then begin to pick up small sections of hair and tuck into the top of the band, curling the strands around the elastic. Continue until you've made your way around your head. If you have a few loose pieces in the front pull them out to frame your face. 


The beauty element of this look was by far my favorite to recreate. To do so I just searched 'flapper girl' and 'Gatsby beauty' on Pinterest and tons of inspiration appeared. I'd also suggest looking a a few YouTube tutorials is your looking for a more step-by-step guide. My suggestion would be to keep it very moody and high drama. Go with dark red lips and choosing a lip shade with a blue undertone. Use metallic shades on the eyes and keep things all set with a colored primer. Keep the skin clean and polished with a high coverage foundation and a light pink blush to balance to dark eyes and lips. Finish with a small beauty mark on cheek!