February Birchbox Review

1. Daily Microfoliant: 5/5 I am completely hooked on this product. I had never used a microfoliant before; and before actually giving it a go, I was a little skeptical. I am now a firm believer in the "powers" of this powder. The Dermalogica brand is well known for it's great topical and skin care products. Any who, after cleansing your skin {you} wet your hands and dust some of the powder into your palms and lather together until you create a creamy blend. Next, apply the solution by massaging it into your face for about a minute{and rinse}. Afterward, I was left with soft redness free skin. After about three morning uses I have noticed a significant difference in the redness in my temple and cheeks.

2. Eye Rock Designer Liner: 3/5 I not really sure what the whole "tattooed" lips, shadow and eyeliner hype is about, but I keep seeing new brands popping up. My eyes tend to be a little smaller than the "average" eye {if there even is one?} so I usually end up cropping eyelashes and these Liners. The application can be a little tricky and they are pretty much set once you apply them to your skin. Even after adjusting the length they still appeared a little large on my lids, but they may have looked different on someone with a larger lid. I think I'll stick to liquid liner..

3. Colorescience pro® Mineral Bronzer Face Color in Kissed By The Sun: 3/5 I'm not sure I can accurately judge this product since the sample is in the form of a sponge {the actual one is in a product filled brush}. It was a little hard to get it on the areas that I wanted it to go without it getting all over my cheeks. I tried to blend the powder after I applied it with a bronzer brush, but it kind of defeats the purpose of a on-the-go application. Maybe the brush is a little more precise?

4. Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint: 4/5 Overall this is a great product, the color that was included in my box was a little dark to put all over my face. To lighten it up I mixed a little bit with one of my daily moisturizers and really liked the dewy look it gave my skin. I may have to try this product in a lighter shade, it could be a great spring/summer tinted moisturizer!

What was your favorite product from this months box?