Fashion Finds for May

It's been a few weeks since I've done a fashion friday post! These are just some of the new items I've been mixing into my Spring/Summer Wardrobe. The shorts were a major find and both were on sale. The J.Crew Chinos always have the perfect fit, and the comfort level is great. 

New Matt Bernson Wedges On one of my trips to Target I spotted this bright orange field bag and thought it would be the prefect compliment to more demure summer looks. I feel as if every time I go into Target to just grab one thing I end up walking out with the most random items! Anyways, I decided to go-all-out and wear it to a Giants game a few nights ago, and was bummed to see that some of the color rubbed off my white zip-up {not cool}.

But, at the price I got it at, I really can't complain. I've been looking for some new sandals {wedges} for awhile and when I came across the Matt Bernson pair {article coming soon} I knew I had to swoop them up. I love the beaded detailing of the straps, they're unlike any other pair I have in my closet.

What are your favorite places to go for fashion finds?