Fit & Stylish

Growing up playing sports year around, I've somewhat grown accustomed to exercise. Even though I often times struggle (love-hate relationship) to push myself to go further and faster, it's a head game I feel I'll always battle.  One thing I did learn early enough is that quality clothing makes all the difference - hello Dri-FIT, breathable fabric; and who says you shouldn't look great while busting your a**!

I've gathered up a few of my favorites from this season, obviously I'm a fan of color. Being that its still pretty chilly outerwear is still pretty crucial. Windbreakers and great transition wear and are great for late-winter early-spring running. The fuchsia vest to the right is great for layering on chillier mornings or evening and does double-duty as reflective wear.

After holding out for what seemed like forever, I finally gave in and purchased an Up heart monitor. I am literally so happy with this bracelet, it does everything from track your exercise to monitor your sleep-it is one seriously smart accessory. I will post more about the app and system once I've completed a full month. 

I'm really picky when it comes to exercise bottoms and prefer tights over flared or loose fitting pants. Nike makes great awesome running capri and always comes out with crazy prints and colors. Asics is known for their attention to detail {vents, hidden pockets } and are an extremely reliable company.  

Recently, a close friend of mine shared with me a little known place to score Lululemon at an discount.     In a section called "We made too much" you can find jackets, tops and pants for up to 60% off retail. This is sounding like a sale pitch, but its true and honestly who would turn down an awesome deal, you can check it out here! {loving this jacket- great price too!}