D.I.Y Tassel Earrings

I was faced with a little dilemma when I couldn't find earrings to go with the outfit for New Years Eve. With quite the time crutch I took to the favorite {D.I.Yer's} for help. I looked through a few and adapted my own with the materials I had on hand.

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What you will need!

First cut your material {embroidery thread or cording} to the length you find appropriate. Next using your jump rings thread through your material, making sure each side is proportional to the other.

Once all threaded through your bundle should look like this.

 Next, using your elastic jewelry cording, cut a large string off tying one end to the other, thus creating a large circle. Start to wind the cording around your material bundle, going until you can no longer wrap around.

Your bundle should appear like the one above.

{excuse the un-polished nails} Using your earring hooks connect to the jump rings. You may need to use pliers to open up the ring on the earring. {supposed to be step 5}

And voila! A brand new inexpensive pair of tassel earrings, just do the same for the other side!