DIY Studded Wallet & Bracelet

My love for studs continues! I decided to take my collected inspiration (seen here) and stud a few accessories I already had. For some reason it got saved and put away with a few other clutches. I decided to give it new life with a few metal studs. I was originally going to insert them along the metal bar, but I thought they looked more chic on top! Since I purchased studs with brads on the back I ended up having to flatten them all to create a {flat back} bottom. I adhered them with high strength jewelry glue, so they wont fall off or move around.

I think I now have studding fever {weird}, because now I can't help to add them to other accessories! I have seen some studded friendship bracelets and was surprised to see the steep price tag that was attached. I mean in all honestly it's less than a $5 project, all you need is the woven bracelet {which you can make} and the pyramid studs!

5MM Silver Studs found here.