DIY Embellished Stocking

What you will need:

  • Assorted Trims 1/3 yard each

  • 1/2 yard fabric

  • Fabric Pins

  • 1 yard fabric {for interior lining & toe}

  • Stocking pattern or template {you can trace a pre-existing stocking}

  • Freezer paper

  • Sequin flowers

  • Neon mini beads

  • Needle

  • White Thread

  • Fabric Glue

How to:

To start gather all your materials, decide which fabric you would like to go where. To create a template start by tracing a pre-existing stocking. This is the easiest way to determine what size the stocking will end up being. Using a pencil and freezer paper trace along the outside of the stocking. Eyeball where you would like the toe to be and draw a curved line.

Cut out your stocking pattern and use sewing pins to attach your fabric to the freezer paper. Cut out 4 pieces { 2 for the exterior, 2 for the interior, and 2 for the toe}. Once all of your piece have been cut out set aside the fabric for the interior. With the exterior fabric start lining up where you would like your trim to go.

Before you decide to glue anything down, make sure you leave a least a 1/2 inch of fabric at the top, as this will be finished. Using fabric glue place your trims along to top of the stocking, let dry overnight for a secure fit.

I really loved the sequin detail on the multi-colored stocking and decided to use sequin flowers on my own. {You can skip this step if you decide the sequins aren't for you.} I used a ruler and made {light} lines using a pencil, to make sure my sequins would all be straight. Then every 1/2 inch I sewed on a sequin flower and neon bead. 

I did this all the way until I reached the bottom on the stocking. Once all the trims and details have been added it's time to sew your stocking. Since the sewing process can be quite tedious I will direct you to a great video that tells you step-by-step how to assemble your interior & exterior pieces. Another easy idea would be to purchase a pre-made stocking and add your trims and sequins, without any sewing.



DIY Inspired by Free People's gorgeous embellished stockings!