D.I.Y Drawer Liner

What you will need:

  • Empty Drawer

  • Mod Podge or another all purpose glue

  • Iron

  • Fabric

  • Sturdy cardboard / paper

  • Ruler

Step 1: With you drawer emptied, flip over so the open space is face down on a level flat surface. Using your paper, align with the inside of the drawer. With a ruler in hand measure the excess that needs to be cut. Trim excess, the paper should now line up with the inside of the drawer shelf.

Step 2: Set drawer and paper aside. If need be iron out your fabric of choice, this will ensure a clean and smooth surface once applied.

Step 3: Once fabric is ironed, take your pre-cut paper and cut off any excess fabric that may hang over, leaving about 1/2 inch to fold over the back. Apply Mod Podge to paper and flip over on the fabric.  With hands, or a flat object smooth out so there are no air bubbles or lumps.

Step 4: There should be the 1/2 inch of extra fabric that has yet to be attached. In all four corners, cut out a half inch square. Using your Mod Podge again apply a light layer of glue to the paper and fold over your fabric. (They will over-lap in a box pattern.)

Step 5: Allow the drawer sleeve to air dry before placing into drawer. This can vary depending on where you place it.

Step 6: De-clutter and re-organize. The drawer sleeve provides a clean space to store pretty much anything you want.

Happy Spring Cleaning!