DIY Colored Bobby-Pin Hair Stack

diy bobby-pins

After seeing more than a few inspiration photos of hairstyles incorporating a stylish stack of colored bobby-pins, I was determined to re-create the look. Several failed attempts drugstore searches later I  turned up empty handed. I was surprised at my lack of luck finding bobby-pins outside of the neutral hair-tone assortment. So I figured why not DIY!

The best way to re-create any look is to see how to interpret it with what you already own. So using a few bobby-pins and an assortment of nail-polish I DIY'ed myself just what I was looking for.

What you will need:

  • Bobby-Pins

  • Nail Polish {Solid colors work best}

  • Card-Stock

  • A Strong Top Coat { I recommend Seche Vite}


Using a space piece of card stock, place your bobby-pins at a fair distance apart from one another. Pick a polish of your choice and apply to the top of each bobby-pin. Wait for each layer to dry before applying another coat, when you are satisfied with the color of your pins apply a layer of top-coat. If your using a fast-dry polish, your pins should be ready in 20 mins or so.


 Happy Friday Everyone!