D.I.Y Bird Ornament

D.I.Y Bird Ornament

Step 1: On a piece of cardstock or sturdy paper trace out a pattern of a bird. {Or whatever animal you choose} Honestly it doesn't need to be perfect just a simple guideline.

Step 1.5: After creating a template for your design, cut out your template and label which side will be the front and back.

Step 2: Using you cut out design as a guideline, trace around your selected piece of felt. {remember to double up your felt, as this will cut down on your cutting time and give you symmetrical pieces.}

Step 2.5: Once your felt is cut up a line up your pieces so the felt tip marks face inward. {That is if you have any excess pen marks on your felt.}

Step 3: Start by assembling both felt pieces so they are perfectly in-line with one another. Use pins to hold them both in place, you may want to trim excess felt if there is any showing.

Step 3.5: Once you have your felt pieces all nice and tidy start by threading your wide-eyed needle with your thread choice from the inside of one side of felt. Doing so will hide your thread knot {I choose to use quite a few pieces of thread to achieve the overall look, so my knot is rather large.}

Step 4: Once you have started to thread your two pieces of felt together start to eye a place to stuff your little guy with some stuffing. {This is very similar to making a pillow} Once stuffed to your content continue sewing all the way around. If you're having trouble hiding your end knot try creating a break or something where you can end the thread inside. Do the same to any additional part of felt that you have chosen to create. In my case it was two additional wings, I just sewed along the rim of both!

Step 4.5: Line up where you would like your additional part to go once you are happy with the placement dab a drop of fabric glue where you want the felt to stay put. Using a pin to hold it in place will make sure that the additional part does not move while the glue is drying.

Step 5: Once the glue has dried, take out the pins and voila! you have yourself a mini-custom made felt ornament! I chose to keep mine simple, but you could add sequins or beads to give it a lil' flair!