DIY Anchor Anklet

I love being able to reinvent jewelry that I no longer wear. After reading this


, I got an idea to create a charm anklet out of a few old jewelry pieces.  I had plenty of old necklace chain and a few charms that would get me started, but just in case I listed a few Etsy sites that sell both the chain and anchors.

Being that it's Summer I thought the anchor charm was the perfect fit to pair with some boat shoes. To get started you will need:

  • Old necklace {small} necklace or jewelry chain
  • Any charm of your choice {optional}
  • Jump Rings
  • Jewelry Pliers and clippers

1. Start by measuring around your ankle with your chain, I prefer to have mine a little looser. Remember that your adding a jump-ring so that will add a little length.


With your jewelry cutters, clip the appropriate length of chain. Add a jump ring to the end of the chain and connect your hook to the end.

3. Fold chain in half and find the middle link, line up your charm and prepare a jump ring to connect with.

Small Silver Chain {



Anchor Charm {









Hunter Boat shoes



new style