Why You Should Ditch your Black Handbag for a Colorful Tote

Why You Should Ditch your Black Handbag for a Colorful Tote via. www.birdieshoots.com

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While a simple black tote is something most women can find in their wardrobe, a colorful handbag is not as frequently found. What is it that detours most women from purchasing a colorful or solid bag? The idea of investing hundreds into a pink or red tote may have you running for the hills, but rest assured you can test the waters with one of these on-trend colorful and affordable totes. 


The straw tote isn't just for your tropical vacations! This mini-bag is the perfect addition to any spring wardrobe and fits most of your go-to essentials. This particular style is much more affordable than the traditional leather handbag, and will be sure to be the conversation piece in all of your spring looks.

Leather Backpack

The mini-backpack instantly brings back memories of the 90s fashion and trends. However, this is one style that has received a serious makeover. A relaxed fit and polished leather material make for a sleek and sophisticated alternative to holding a handbag. This style is great for women who are commuting or prefer to be hands-free when shopping or running errands.

Top Handle Bag

Being able to identify key staples in your wardrobe is a luxury not all of us have. Luckily, every season new trends are introduced that either stand the test of time or fade by the wayside. Enter the top-handle bag. This petite multi-wear bag is perfect for those who prefer a minimalist approach when shopping for handbags. Although the size is small, it's the perfect size for toting around your essentials.


Red is a surprisingly versatile color! With a classic and clean design this cherry-hued tote will be the perfect pop of color and will naturally pair perfectly with those who commonly find themselves dressing in neutrals. When shopping for a red bag, I would suggest searching for smaller scale designs, or with minimal or streamlined embellishments.


A lightweight bucket bag is great for those who find themselves on the go. This fringed style is full of personality and really speak to individuals who express themselves through what they wear. If you're looking to invest in this style look for bags which have a top handle and shoulder strap. This will provide you with versatility when getting ready for the day.

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