December 2012 Birchbox Review

My December Birchbox:

1. Show Stoppers: 5/5, something every girl should own! These little guys keep loose blouses and sneaky dresses in place.

2. Jouer Lipgloss: 4/5, loved the color {birchbox pink}, but I think I prefer lip stains and balm over the consistency. At first I was really excited about the florescent color, but it comes out much lighter and sheer when applied.

3. Kate Spade Twirl: 5/5, perfect for spring! It's just fruity enough without smelling cheap or like a body splash.

4. Boost Daily Health Booster: 2/5, seriously underwhelmed, I thought it was weird that they included this. I specifically saved it for a day when I felt like I needed a jolt of energy and was disappointed when nothing happened.

5. Incoco Nail Polish Applique: 5/5, Loved! Not only are they easy to use but they stay on for a week+ and keep their shine. I am definitely going to buy these again!

6. BY Terry Hyaluronic Face Glow: 3.5/5, considering the cost of this facial primer I expected it to work well. I tried it out first by itself and then with a tinted moisturizer, each time my face looked fresh at first then turned ended up looking oily {after 2 hrs or so}. This could be because my skin tends to be combination, but I wasn't highly impressed.

Sorry for such a late review, as many Birchbox subscribers know the December box had quite a few shipping errors/delays. Since I live on the west coast it take awhile to receive my monthly box. I really appreciate the customer feedback that Birchbox provided during that time, but I have to say the shipping provider is terrible. {This is 100% my own opinion}