Barely There Beauty

Barely There Beauty via. Birdie Shoots
Barely There Beauty via. Birdie Shoots

We've all seen and heard about barely there beauty. The term alone brings to mind perfect skin, possibly a bit sun kissed on the cheeks, with only a brow that could have been done by Anastasia herself.  However, over in the real world most of us deal with the unfortunate side effects of skin. Whether it be acne, oily skin, or sun damage, theres at least one thing prohibiting us from putting our best face forward.

I deal with a bevy of skin blunders myself and am constantly looking for ways to perfect an every-day "barely there" look without spending hours concealing and contouring. Over the years I've put together a few simple tips to creating a natural but, covered canvas for flawless skin.

1. Moisturize Skin: Tinted moisturizer is a great alternative to foundation, although the coverage won't be as great, your skin will stay hydrated and most formulas will even-out tones.

2. Highlight: Apply a liquid highlighter to the top of the cheekbones, bridge of nose, inner corners of the eyes, and cupids bow.

3. Brighten: Apply concealer to the under eye area, blend well using your a small brush or your ring finger. 

4. Define: Defining your eyebrows will add structure to your face by enhancing your natural brow shape.

5. Lengthen: Use a light-weight lengthening mascara to add fullness without weighing down lashes.

6. Kiss: Perfect your pout with a soft blush or nude gloss. 




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