3 Shades of Black, Summer Wedding Dressing

At the beginning of each month I like to go over my to-dos, make note of blog deadlines and also highlight important events like birthdays and weddings. While looking at this month’s to-dos I realized I have two weddings, each of which fall into a different dress code. While I love shopping, and would never complain about having to add a new pair of  heels to my closet, finding a dress that fits within the couples desired dress code can be a difficult task to manage.

I normally do much of my shopping online, I’ll order two or three different styles to make the most out of my at home try-on. Whist I don’t mind doing this for cocktail or more casual attired weddings, black-tie presents a whole new obstacle. This is why I’ve since found the best solution to all my wedding attire needs, rentals!

Each person has their own opinion on dress or bag rentals, but in my opinion it's a total time and money saver. I’ve ordered from a few different companies and have found Rent the Runway and Style Lender to be among the best. They have an assortment of new designer options and RTR also, gives you the option to add a complimentary size. To keep you on top of your wedding guest wardrobe I’ve put together a few different options that fall within different dress codes.

Cocktail Wedding Attire via. www.birdieshoots.com
Black-tie wedding attire via. www.birdieshoots.com

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