Spring Break in a Carry-On

Spring Break packing advice via. www.birdieshoots.com

With the weather in a heavy downpour its only natural to be daydreaming of sunny skies and umbrella adorned drinks, right? Well, if you're in a similar mindset then your already half way out the door with your carry-on. Speaking of which, traveling light is one of the best ways to ensure your not weighed down by unnecessary clothing, which can be a burden for all travel companions  , not just you! So to avoid being 'that girl' and getting the death stare from your significant other here are a few tips for packing efficiently and getting the most wear out of your belongings. 

Start with the basics! Any great outfit starts with one basic piece of clothing, whether that be a white t-shirt, denim jeans, or little black dress. These pieces will stand as the 'base' of most outfits. 

Be practical, but keep it personal! I'm all for keeping my signature style fun and playful but, it shouldn't involve needing 3 different bags because you couldn't fit a fur coat in your carry-on. Larger items like hats and coats could and should be worn during travel or simply left out of your suitcase. This will free up plenty of space for the necessities. 



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