At Home Blow-Out Tutorial

At Home Blow Out Tutorial via. Birdie Shoots

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Who doesn’t love looking party perfect with soft bouncy curls? Aside from the glass of champagne, and beauty salon talk, you can get the same great style at a fraction of the cost right from the comfort of your home. The key to mastering the at-home blow-out is having the right tools and products, all of which can be found at Target.

At Home Blow Out Tutorial via. Birdie Shoots
At Home Blow Out Tutorial via. Birdie Shoots
At Home Blow Out Tutorial via. Birdie Shoots


1. Start things off on a clean slate with freshly shampooed and conditioned hair. I like to use a detoxifying shampoo followed by a hair mask. I prefer to use Hair Food Moisturizing Mask. This product delivers soft strands and smells incredible! This will give you a good base to add product to later.
2. Let hair air-dry for 5-10 minutes, when hair begins to dry, add two pumps of mousse right along your roots. Massage into scalp and work into both the tops and bottoms of hair, adding this is the key to achieving hold and volume. 
3. Using a hair tie or claw clip section hair into two-three sections. This may vary depending upon the thickness of your hair.
4. Brush through hair to tame any excess fly-aways. Using a blow dryer with a nozzle attachment, begin to brush through hair starting from the nape of the neck and pulling forward, framing your face.
5. Continue stretching sections of hair with your round brush, following along with your blow dryer. Once a portion of hair has dried, un-clip the section above and continue to dry in the same fashion.
6. Once all sections of hair have dried, take a 1 1/2” round curling iron and loosely begin to curl select pieces framing your face.
7. Brush through hair, loosening any tight curls that may have formed. Finalize style by adding both shine and protection with Fekkai Pre-Soleil Hair Mist. As an added bonus, this spray will keep your style looking glossy and prevent any sun damage!



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