Short Styles, Braided Crown Tutorial

Braided Crown Tutorial via. Birdie Shoots

Happy Monday! Talk about a productive weekend, between birthday parties and family dinners I was able to sneak in some serious QT with the blog. Lately, I feel as though I haven't been showing the beauty and hair section of my blog enough love. Through both pin-spiration and a few Instagram screen-saves I've been loving braided half-up styles. I love how this carefree style has an edge, while also being practical for hot summer days.

The style itself is pretty basic, aside from knowing how to create a dutch or french braid, and this will work with either technique. For this tutorial I'm focusing on a dutch braid, as I like the volume and texture that it gives to the crown.

1. Start with dry hair, and part hair down the center.
2. Using your index fingers part your hair at the crown, separating the top section from the bottom. Keep hair tied back with an elastic.
3. Make sure sections to the L/R of the center part are relatively even and both have a similar amount of hair.
4. Clip one section of hair down and focus on dutch braided towards the back of the head, in a horizontal fashion (i.e not framing the face) once you reach the top of the back your head secure with a clear elastic or bobby pin.
5. Repeat step 4, again securing once you reach the end. 

Braided Crown Tutorial via. Birdie Shoots