We Moved..Again

Moving via. Birdie Shoots

Long story short, we're on the move again! I'm sure a few of you that have been following along through Twitter and Instagram know the boy and I have been house hunting the past few weeks. As many of these things work out, we unexpectedly came across what we consider to be the perfect place. Complete with original details and all the charm of old San Francisco. Now, in SF the likelihood of finding a home in this neighborhood for an affordable price is unheard of. I suppose somethings in life just sort of happen and you need to strike while the irons hot, and strike we did! In a little less than a weeks turn we will be packed up and making the move! I'm still pinching myself that all of this has happened and we actually are in a spot together! Everything is still a bit chaotic but, I couldn't be more excited for what the future holds. Be sure the stay tuned for a few exciting projects over the next month!!



Image via. Unsplash