Making Waves with John Frieda®

Summer Waves with John Frieda via. Birdie Shoots

Can you believe summer is already here? With the arrival of the warmer months it's time to tighten up the beauty routine and share one of my favorite heat-free styles, the beach wave! I love the idea of effortless beauty, and this is certainly one way to achieve the look. For this style I focused in on a few key products which really bring this look to life!


1. Start by shampooing with a clean rise like John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ Cool Dip™ Shampoo. Now, you're probably thinking, "why would you use Beach Blonde if you're a brunette?" In the past I would have thought the same thing, but in reality the formula can be used on pretty much any color hair! The product is simply designed to add a punch to heat-damaged locks, which is also great for women who have highlighted or ombré hair!

2. Next, follow with Smooth Seas® Conditioner. Once hair has been washed lightly towel dry and spray a few splashes of John Frieda® Sea Waves™ Sea Salt Spray and let air dry. Can we just pause for a second and talk about how deliciously tropical this smells? 

3.While you bask in the delicious fragrance prepare for your next step. Once a majority of hair has dried spritz another few sprays of beach wave and give it a good tousle using your hands. For this part I like to flip over my hair and gently massage my roots, this will add a bit of lift if things are looking flat. The spray should set up a bit, giving you the perfect straight from the ocean wave!

Have you had a chance to check out the John Frieda® Beach Blonde Collection? Let me know your thoughts and view the entire line here!

Summer Waves with John Frieda via. Birdie Shoots

John Frieda is available at Walmart and can be found in the beauty department on the shampoo/conditioner aisle! See photos below for more details!

John Frieda is available at Walmart
John Frieda is available at Walmart
John Frieda Beach Waves via. Birdie Shoots