White Rum Mint Julep

White Rum Mint Julep | Birdie Shoots Blog

Grab your fancy hats, its Kentucky Derby time! I love any good excuse to craft up a new cocktail, and what better drink to put a spin on than the classic mint julep. First things first, a copper or silver mug is a must for this frosty cool beverage. Why? Either a copper or silver mug will keep your drink nice and cool, and in my opinion taste that much better. This drink is just as much about the layers of flavor as it is the appearance, so be prepared to take your time!


To start prep your ice, your can use a course crushed ice from home or purchase clean shaved ice from the grocery store, either will work just fine. Next place a few sprigs of fresh mint in the bottom of your mug and muddle until you begin to smell the oils of the mint release (this should happen pretty quick!) Add a small scoop of ice and muddle with the ice once more. Next, add another small scoop, and 2 oz. Cruzan Aged White Rum.

Add 1 scant simple syrup (just a splash), and top with 1 oz seltzer water. Finish the cocktail by adding enough ice to create a dome, stir and garnish with mint spring.

White Rum Mint Julep | Birdie Shoots Blog

There you have it, a great alternative to another classic cocktail!