Short Styles, Twisted Up-do

Twisted Up-do tutorial via. Birdie Shoots

It's been years since I cut my hair short, like 2-3 years to be exact. When I snipped my locks, I knew there were several go-to things styles I could do on a daily basis that would be low maintenance. I've shown a few tutorials here and here, but had yet to share something a bit more polished. 

Twisted up-do via. Birdie Shoots

Now, I say polished very mildly, as this particular look is far from perfect. I will say, that it is a great way to pull your hair back and will take you little to no time to do! This twisted up do is great for date-nights, girls night out, or even just a fun way to mix up your daily hair routine.

To start follow the steps below:

1. Start will wavy hair, second-day hair will hold the twist better and is a bit easier to manage. 
2. Part hair down the center into two equal halves. At the top of the part begin to twist hair in a rolling fashion, pulling in hair from the face. Once you reach the back of the ear secure with a clear elastic.
3. Repeat step 2 on the opposite side of hair. 
4. Gather the remaining hair (untwisted) at the back of the head and secure with a tie in a shade similar to your own.
5. Make a hole in the center of your pony and roll the tail end through. Continue wrapping until no hair remains. Secure any loose ends with bobby pins. I prefer the loose strands, but feel free to create a neater style.
6. VERY carefully use a pair of small scissors to cut the clear elastics on the twists. If your hair is light enough to conceal these don't worry about this step!
7. Use a light-hold hairspray to secure the look.

Twisted Up-do tutorial Via. Birdie Shoots