Your Weekend, On the Rocks

N e w   Y o r k   S o u r

via. Bon Appetit

On the rocks  NEW YORK SOUR via. Birdie Shoots

Step 1

2 oz. bourbon whiskey,
1 oz. fresh lemon juice, 
1 oz. simple syrup 
M I X in a cocktail shaker.

Step 2

Fill with ice, cover, and shake, about 30 seconds.


Step 3

Strain into a rocks glass filled with fresh ice.


step 4

Lightly pour 1/2 oz Shiraz over the back of a spoon so wine floats on top. 

Bulleit Bourbon

2 oz. bourbon whiskey

Simple Syrup

1 oz. simple syrup 


1 oz. fresh lemon juice

 1/2 oz Shiraz