Short Style, Relaxed Curls

Relaxed Curl Tutorial via.

I'm back again with another short stye tutorial! I've noticed that over the past few weeks, I've grown to love sharing these tips/styles with you. This weeks style is the relaxed curl, which has been my go-to style as of late.

The best tip I can give you with this particular style is to leave the ends untouched! Yep, so unless you've never used a curling iron before you should be able to get this style down.

How to:

1. Start with dry hair, (preferably second day hair) this tends to hold a better curl.
2. Spray a blast of dry shampoo on the roots, this will add volume and give the hair extra texture.
3. This step is for all my thick haired girls, if your hair tends to be fine-med you can skip this step! Clip or pull back hair and secure on the top of your head.
4. Using a 1" curling iron, select a random piece of hair and place curling iron 1/2"-1" away from your ends. Twist hair away from face, so hair is snug around your iron, hold for 5 seconds and release.
5. Repeat step 4 until all hair is somewhat curled, this doesn't need to be perfect! If you clipped back hair, release and continue to curl.
6. Finish with strong hold hairspray, and work product into hair. Let set, and gently run your fingers threw your stands, this relaxes the curls. Voila! 

Relaxed Curl Tutorial via.