Channeling Inspiration into Real Life

Channeling Inspiration into Real Life via. Birdie Shoots

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Yes, It’s that time of year again, time to take on New York Fashion Week! From the runways to the street style, New York is a buzz with the latest and greatest of all things fashion. One thing I find most inspiring about NYFW is the influx of people coming together from all parts of the word in anticipation of next season’s trends du jour. And, trust me these ladies and gentleman bring their A-game. It’s incredibly exhilarating to be placed outside of your normal work environment, especially in the name of fashion.

Channeling Inspiration into Real Life via. Birdie Shoots

When I do plan and prepare for work events, like NYFW, I make a point to acknowledge and pack the items that I use on a daily basis. Everything from a notepad to smartwater to my phone makes its way into my bag. These items are what keep me alert and readily prepared, so if I do happen to spot a trend or emerging pattern I’m always on the ball. With so many new styles and looks turning heads it’s a constant battle between snapping pictures and keeping track of the pieces I find inspiring. The styling on the runway is spot on, fitted to a T, and looks incredible, but how do you take the runway to real life?

Translating trends may seem daunting but, it doesn’t have to be! My advice, take the garments or looks you like and make them you own. Pay attention to the silhouette and shape of the pieces. Often times you can find inspiration in pieces already own just by styling them differently. 

Want to see how one of fashion week's top designers stays inspired? Watch the video below!




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