The Ultimate Cosmetic Organizer

Cosmetic Organization via. Birdie Shoots

As a fashion blogger I see trends come and go, some new, and others making a comeback from yesteryears. On a recent Target run, you know the ones you go for bread and a thank you card and end up leaving with a basket full of things? Well, I was on one of those and was tempted to go down the beauty aisle and see what new products were on sale. While striking out on beauty goods I ended up coming across a major flashback to my childhood.

If you grew up in the late 80s early 90s then you are very familiar with the mother of all beauty organizers, Caboodles. These much like the models of years back come with plenty of compartments but, are up dated with sleek style and design. I was instantly drawn to a few different models from clear acrylic line. I'm all about keeping things tidy, especially living in a small home, so these counter top organizers were a know brainer. The problem I face most when trying to organize is not being able to see what I actually have. Thus, not getting the most use out of my beauty products. 

Makeup Organization via. Birdie Shoots
Makeup Organization via. Birdie Shoots
Makeup Organization via. Birdie Shoots

With the counter top organizers I'm able to arrange the products I use on a regular basis and switch out as I see fit. The other huge benefit to these is that they look great while out on a vanity or bathroom counter. The acrylic is minimal and doesn't appear to look bulky or take up excess space!

How do you organize your beauty products?




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