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Wednesday Addams Costume, via

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Wednesday Addams Costume, via

Happy Halloween weekend! I've never been one to stray away from a good halloween costume so why not welcome the weekend with a classic nod to the creepiest family of all, The Addams family! I actually put together this look with MODE media last year and unfortunately the video slipped through the cracks and didn't make it out! The cool thing? It's out this year with all the quick and easy tips to getting the look.
It's definitely a great last minute costume. and if you have an LBD and white collared shirt, the rest is a synch to put together! I didn't end up having to buy anything for this costume, which is nice. In the past I was all about putting together 'cute' outfits, but what fun is that? I actually prefer the funny and slightly weird costumes over the scantly clad ones you'll see roaming the bars this holiday. I can't wait to share what my boyfriend and I are planning to be this year - so stay posted on Instagram

I'd love to hear what your being this year! Let me know in the comments below ;)