Short Styles, Side Twist Tutorial

Side Twists via. Birdie Shoots

I've been loving styling my shorter locks! For some reason I feel like I actually have found more ways to style my hair now, verses when it was double the length. Before I had it snipped I pinned loads of similar styles. I came across a few that I knew I had to try, case and point, the side twists. 

Side Twists via. Birdie Shoots

I couldn't help but remember back to elementary school when we would use butterfly clips to twist our hair back! I'd like to think of this as an update on the classic, so I chose gold bobby pins over clips.

How to:
Start with part to either side of your head. Divide the hair on the lighter side into two sections. Twist one section of hair back and slip your bobby pin underneath to secretly secure the pin in the twist.

To do this locking technique, aim the open end of the bobby  pin against the direction that your hair is pulled. Next, rotate the pin so the open end is facing the same direction as the hair, and push the pin toward your head to secretly secure it. The pin should pull your hair sightly tighter and be unnoticeable. 

Do the same to the remaining hair. Finish with a light hold hair-spray!

Side Twists via. Birdie Shoots