Fall Must Have

Fall Fashion via. Birdie Shoots

There's a new mix of prints, silhouettes, and hues on the horizon that need to make their way into my closet! When it comes down to it I would definitely consider myself a seasonal dresser. I'm one of those people who after the season ends, packs ups and stores the pieces that won't be worn. It felt like Christmas this week while I was unpacking a few of my plastic bins. Pulling out a fur coat (for a special project!), flannels, and boots, that I will hopefully be able to mix into my looks in the upcoming weeks. 

Along with going through my seasonal clothing I also try and make a point to get rid of items and also indulge in a little shopping along the way. I always like to start a season with a few staples that I can pair with almost anything. A neutral, creme blouse and a pair of pointed loafers are at the top of my list!

1. Long Blazer | 2. Statement Bag | 3. Pearl Accessory | 4. Fluffy Blouse | 5. Tortoise Sunglasses | 6. Stain Blouse | 7. Plaid Dress | 8. Pointed Loafer | 9. Leather Watch

What is on your Fall wish list?