Finding the Perfect Red

Picking the Perfect Red  Lipstick | Birdie Shoots

It wasn't so long ago that I was nervous about wearing red lipsticks. I'd try on a swipe and think OMG this is TOO intense, and although my style and beauty habits have evolved I still get perplexed when experimenting with new shades. There honestly is a red for everyone, YES everyone, and finding your perfect shade really isn't as hard as it looks.

When it comes down to it, your skin tone is where you should be looking for guidance. Now, this certainly isn't true for everyone {see: the people who can pull off everything from purple to nude}. but, it is a good starting point. 

Personally, my skin tone varys according to season. In the winter it tends to be fair-light and in the spring and summer months I get a golden glow. Since I have pink undertones I tend to gravitate towards cherry-reds and deeper burgundy shades. I steer clear of light reds or anything too pink, which tends to make me appear washed out.


Vivid and bold shades look beautiful on medium and olive skin tones. Look for intense reds with orange to really make your lips pop!


I am immensely jealous of how flawlessly orange and coral-reds play off tan skin. A good lip liner can do wonder to make the colors saturate.

What is your go-to red?





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