Perfect Packing

Perfect Packing | BirdieShoots

Flowy Shorts | Embellished Sandals | Neon Scarf | Nike Shirt | Denim Shorts | Wedges | Sunglasses | Hawaiian Tank | Linen Dress | Drop Earrings | Panama Hat | Tennis Shoes | Cross-body | Sandals | 

Let's face it we've all been in situations where we either over or under pack. I feel as though I'm always forgetting something crucial, as in my last trip to Vegas (summer) when I forgot to pack sandals. Obviously, not the end of the world but a little frustrating when I have plenty at home. I always like to air on the side of over-packing because, of my track record of being forgetful. 

It's funny when you think about it, you usually only end up wearing 75% of the items you pack, leaving the other quarter of clothing to rack up charges at the airport. With some thoughtful planning you can pack fewer pieces,  while coming up with multiple outfits.