Top Optical Frames | Birdie Shoots

I have a confession to make, without glasses I am literally blind. Yes, unfortunate and although I'll continue to complain over dry eyes {thank you contacts}, there is one benefit I take to my advantage. I can actually purchase glasses without feeling the whole "hipster in prescription-free-lens vibe}, which tends to be one of my pet peeves. 

Over the years, I've purchased {see: lost} and misplaced several pairs of glasses. So as a precaution I always keep at least a few pairs around the house. If your a daily reader you know I recently picked up a pair of Warby Parker glasses here. For the price, cause and style of the frame you really can't make a better investment! 

1. Prada | 2. Tom Ford | 3. Tory Burch | 4. Warby Parker | 5. Burberry