Dressing the Nest | Bedroom Inspiration


I can't believe it's already been a year since I moved! I couldn't be happier with the location; let's just say it's walking distance to Nordstom {see: convenient & dangerous!}. I knew starting out that decorating wouldn't be something that happened over night, and the process would be something that would happen more organically. Oddly enough, it seems as though I've just about finished every room besides my bedroom / bathroom. 

Maybe it's because I wanted the rooms I used most to get a "make-over" first. I definitely have the pieces in place to begin the next set of rooms, but am finding it difficult to find a color-scheme that feels most like "home". I've done bold, bright colors on focal walls before, and while I love them I just don't feel as though I can commit to that much of a statement in the bedroom. I've pulled endless amounts of inspiration and this Spring I plan to finally get to work! Although much of what I'm starting with would be considered a blank canvas, I do plan to work in my DIY'ed headboard, vintage desk and MARFA artwork. I would love any ideas or tips you may have for decorating a rental space. {I'm able to paint and hang artwork, so I won't be limited by those restrictions.}

Can't wait to share the end result!



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