Carrying-on in Style

With the weather beginning to warm up vacation season is just on the horizon! I love to travel, but some how always seem to find myself having the worst in-flight experiences- whether its unruly kids (understandable) or over bookings (unacceptable). With the experiences under my belt I've learned to pack well, and prepare! I'll be sharing my go-to carry on essentials as well as a few tips from a friend who used to work as a stewardess; so fasten your seat-belts and store your carry-ons in the over head bins ;)


With altitude and change of climate your skin is bound to get dehydrated and out of whack. The best way to avoid arriving at your destination parched and chapped is to bring the essentials:

Evian facial spray is a great way to rehydrate previously applied makeup and give your skin a nice glow. They even sell travel size bottle in pairs of two {one for the carry-on & one for your purse}

Most in-flight accommodations allot for your choice of beverage. While many, including myself opt for a cocktail, others choose water. It's important to remember NOT to drink any water that hasn't come straight from a bottle! Most airlines have this as a standard practice, others do not, and the water they serve is filthy!


I once had a man sitting next to me who rapped the entire flight home from the Bahamas. Now, I'm all for free entertainment, but this guy was no Jay-Z and to make situations worse we were stuck on the tarmac for 2 extra hours. In this case noise canceling headphones and the soothing sound of John Mayer would have put me to sleep. 
Bose makes great headphones, which not only sounds incredible, but also have cushiony ear pads. When traveling I prefer headphones over earbuds, which can hurt after long periods of use.  

Another thing to remember is that aircrafts fly to multiple destinations and carry several hundred different people, often all in one day. That is a LOT of germs! I'm definitely not a germaphobe but, I also don't want to catch your Great Uncle Larry's cold.  Pocket hand sanitizers follow the FAA regulation and will help keep you healthy and germ-free.


Let's face it in-flight entertainment can range from awesome to terrible, be prepared to keep yourself entertained. I subscribe to plenty of different magazines, so packing a few new copies helps me pass the time. Alternatively, iPads are great for movies, TV shows or dare I say


Comfort is key! I'm all for traveling in style, but come-on leave your 5-inch heels at home and wear comfortable shoes! If your flight is in air for longer than an hour it is completely necessary to stick to a low flat or sneaker. I love Tieks, they are perfect for travel and fold to accommodate more room in your carry-on. Oh, and did I mention they come in assorted colors and patterns?

Being a sockaholic  I always travel with several different pairs. One item I never forget to pack is compression socks. Compression socks help reduce swelling, fatigue and circulation which all can have affect when traveling for long periods of time. SoxxyAir makes incredibly chic and soft socks, as an added bonus they also give-back to charity! As an added bonus SoxxyAir is also offering 20% off with code SoxxyAirs


Whether it be my car keys, phone, or ID, I have a terrible habit of misplacing things. When traveling I make a point to keep an extra form of identification such as a passport or identification card.  

I prefer to bring my own snacks, and keep a few granola bars or trail mix in my bag. KIND bars are by far my favorite, they are packed with nuts and fruit and will definitely hold you over between meals {or airports}.