Cherie Blossom Review

One of the things I find most intriguing about the beauty of fragrance is the ability to capture a feeling. When testing perfumes I always find myself thinking of where and when I would wear it. Is it a daytime, night out or everyday fragrance? Does the smell exude sexiness or is it fresh and playful?

Cherie Blossom is not only an incredibly romantic perfume but its delicious smell reminds me of the beginnings of a new season {Spring}. Spring means new love, new beginnings and the start of growth, all of which could be captured in this scent.

As with all different fragrances, it definitely is crafted for a particular woman. One that is confident, youthful with an air of classic nostalgia. With notes of vanilla and musk, I would wear this with a LanD on a date night or on a special evening out on the town with friends.



Harvey Prince - Cherie Blossom c/o