Forever Young

Forever Young via. Birdie Shoots

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From the minute I wake up until the time I go to sleep, I am constantly in routine. I like to think that having these habits keeps me in synch with my health and on track with my day ahead. A crucial part of my daily habits is keeping my skin in check. 

My skincare routine has evolved greatly since my teen years, and much of my concerns now lie in keeping my skin as youthful as I possibly can. A crucial part of this prevention is enlisting products that I know are tried and true, and actually work!  I’ve tried a whole pharmacy’s worth of products and still wind up coming back to my favorite drugstore brand. 

Olay Forever Young via. Birdie Shoots

Olay Regenerist Luminous Facial Oil has been my go-to for quite some time now. I can remember my mom introducing me to the product and thinking, “What, why would you want to put oil on your face?”

When you think about it, it does sounds odd, especially for someone like me who tends to have an oiler complexion. Contrary to popular belief, oil actually balances skin when applied correctly. So instead of experiencing areas of dry and oily skin, the product works to fight against moisture loss and also improve the overall tone of your complexion.

I like to use this first thing after I wash my face in the morning. Using the applicator, I add a few drops to the palm of my hand and apply the oil over my entire face. One thing I love about this product is the soft and subtle glow it brings out in my skin.

As I continue on with my daily routines and habits I can always rely on Olay to be a part of my beauty routine, after all who doesn’t want to be forever young?

Forever Young via. Birdie Shoots

Olay is a worldwide leader in skin care and has been trusted by women for over 60 years, maintaining its founding philosophy: to maintain a deep understanding of women’s changing needs and to combine products that fit their needs with the latest advances in skin care technology. Regenerist was created along those lines to address women’s anti-aging needs, and millions of women have tried it and loved it, making Regenerist the #1 anti-aging moisturizer.*



*Based on Nielsen data week ending 2/1/14.