Bourbon Ciderhouse

Bourbon Ciderhouse via. Birdie Shoots

When the holidays comes around I love a refreshing seasonal cocktail. The Bourbon Ciderhouse is a fragrant and crisp cocktail made of bourbon, fresh apple cider, a hint of lemon, and a dash of bitters, enjoy hot or cold.

Items Needed:

MAKES: 1 Serving

  • 1 oz. Bourbon 
  • 2 oz. Apple Cider (preferably fresh if available)
  • ½ oz. Fresh Lemon
  • 1 Dash Bitters
  • Ice ( if served cold)


  • Pour ice into a cocktail shaker. 
  • Add Bourbon, apple cider, lemon, bitters, and shake. 
  • Strain contents into a wide rimmed cocktail glass over ice. 
  • Enjoy with friends and family!


Bourbon Ciderhouse via. Birdie Shoots