Winter Skin Care Routine & Giveaway

Winter Skin Care Routine via. Birdie Shoots

Hands up if you like your morning routine to be quick and painless? Let's face it rolling out of bed at a quarter to seven is pure torture, especially if your not a morning person! I try to adjust my skin care routine to reflect both the change in season and my skin. 

Since I was not blessed with a perfect complexion, I often times find myself dealing with the problems of combination skin. I've used a few skin care systems in the past to target stubborn acne (teen years) but, had yet to implement a system that took control of my current skin woes. I was introduced to Tula a few months ago, Tula is a skin care line designed to create balance, hydrate, and reduce the signs of aging. 

As someone who is always running out the door, I needed a system that was quick, effective, and didn't leave me sitting in font of the mirror for hours on end. The Tula discovery line begins with their purifying facial cleanser, or what I like to call "your answer to clean skin". The cleanser was gentle enough on my skin, but tough enough to remove a majority of my makeup. (Sidenote: I did have to use additional removal products for my mascara!)

I then follow-up with a few drops of their Illuminating serum. Not only does this add a radiant glow to your skin, it also adds balance to your overall complexion. I was so impressed by the glow is gave my skin, I went so far as to lightly dab a little on my cheek bones, after my makeup application. Doing this created a dewy sheen that lasted most of the day.

The next product in the line is the Day & Night cream, this was by far my favorite product in the line. I love the way this feels on my skin, it's almost like a primer/moisturizer for your skin. It acts as the perfect base, allowing your makeup to glide on seamlessly. As a bonus, it's both a day and night cream, which keeps things easy!

The fourth and one of the most important product in the system is the revitalizing eye cream, and believe me when I say this stuff packs a punch! Being that I am in my mid-twenties, I have yet to see any major causes of aging, such as crows feet or stubborn wrinkles. I am however, fully invested in preventing these! Along with being a preventative measure this cream also battles dark circles and puffiness around the eye area. I like to apply this before I head to bed, I just lightly pat a swipe of the cream around and under my eye. 

Overall I'm highly impressed with the four-piece Tula system. After a month of use my skin appears to be firmer, smoother, and more radiant than before. Most if not all of the products quickly absorbed into my skin leaving me with a refined and soft texture. Getting back into a skin care system was a little hard to follow at first, but after about a week of use it became second nature for me. If you are looking to start a skin care system I would highly recommend checking out Tula, the line is affordable and really does work!

TULA Skin Care via. Birdie Shoots

Since the holiday's are right around the corner I've partnered with Tula to do a little giveaway! One winner will receive the full-size four piece collection, which would make the perfect gift for a loved one or yourself ;). To enter use the Rafflecopter widget below, winner will be drawn at random and product will be shipped by Tula. 

Good Luck!