Rose Byrne Emmy Awards


Violet Eyes { Lancome  | NARS} using rich shades of violet define the natural shape of the eye. Apply a deep shade of chocolate brown to the crease of the eye, with a focus on the outer crease. Line eyes with a brown pencil. Apply a light highlight to the inner corners and upper brow bone. Mauve Lip { Yves Saint Laurent} I'm loving this shade of lipstick! Not too bright but yet not too subtle. Pinned Curls { Hot Tools | Duckbill Clips}

Start with damp hair and add a palm-size amount of mouse. Blow dry from root to ends to add volume but, be careful not straighten locks. Once dried wrap hair in quarter inch sections around a 1-inch curling iron. Using a duckbill click roll up each section and pin in place, let hair sit for 30 minutes. Once finished flip hair oven and lightly run fingers through hair. Secure hair with a medium-strong hold hairspray. 

What was your favorite look from the Emmy Awards?