Zucchini Pasta


Coming from a small farming community, my family always seems to have an influx of fresh fruit and vegetables.  During an impromptu visit  last week I made sure to take a few, including one oversized zucchini ( we're talking HUGE). This is less of a recipe and more of a "i’m hungry and don't want to go shopping" weeknight meal. However, its one that you definitely wont regret trying..



  • 1-2  zucchinis, julienned 

  • ¼ cup Parmigiano Reggiano

  • 1 teaspoon EVOO

  • 1 cup prepared tomato sauce, heated

  • salt and pepper to taste


Heat oil in a non-stick skillet. Add the zucchini noodles and cook for 2 minutes until slightly softened. Dish noodles, top with tomato sauce and garnish with parmigiano reggiano, salt and pepper as needed.