Pony Up!

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We've all had bad hair days-those unfortunate occasions when everything we attempt to do to our 'do' ends up looking terrible. I will forever be haunted by a time in 6th grade when I thought it was a good idea to sleep in sponge curlers with shoulder length hair. My parents were able to snap a picture of me extremely pissed off, face red from crying looking like a had a jerry curl. Yes, unfortunate but, over the years I've learned that although we all can't rock a perm we can certainly rely on the ponytail. 

Either high or low a pony can turn an otherwise frustrating morning into a stylish one. For me a low, hair wrapped ponytail is the ultimate easy, f*bomb free style. Here's how to achieve the look.

  • Brush hair to desired heigh, for a low style I like to secure the tie right above the nape of the neck.
  • When hair is pulled back, separate 1" stand from right below your hair tie.
  • Secure hair tie. 
  • Wrap separated 1" stand around the ponytail until completely covered. 
  • Secure the excess stands with several bobby pins.  
  • Spray with finishing spray to hold. 




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