DIY Zig-Zag Manicure

Nail Inspiration

Colorful Missoni Beach Towels

Dotted Zig-Zag

Fabric chevrons

What you will need:

A thick top coat - I would recommend Seche Vite and a color of your choice

A pair of small narrow scissors to trim excess and a pair of craft scissors

And Scotch tape!

Examples of painted tape that has been dried and cut to size.

After trying to achieve the zig-zag pattern with the help of a toothpick, I found the method to be tedious and the results to be less than desired.  With the help of some crafting scissors, a little scotch tape and my favorite nail polish(s) I was on my way to nail art success! Just simply pick a polish of your choice paint the section of taught tape between the roll and tear off. Wait until the polish is completely dried, you may need to do 2 coats of lighter polishes.

Cut, dried painted tape with craft scissors and apply to nail. Trim excess, and repeat or just add top coat! This method is faar easier than any polish pen or steady hand coordination (which I do not have) and the design possibilities are endless. 

Sally Hansen /  OPI white /  China Glaze Tree Hugger / Orly Flirty / OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

Just in case you were wondering which bracelets I was wearing in the top image

Bracelets worn {L-R}  old  Nordstrom Crystal StretchH&M Snake wrap, old Harajuku Girls Love Id {New Style}, Pave Skull {Similar Rose Gold}

Happy Friday!